More than 30 years offering quality and service to our clients as a refrigerated warehouse and a centre for the production of seafood.

More than 30 years working in the fishing sector make us fully aware of the precise needs of our customers.
We constantly review our processes with the goal of excellence and continuous improvement.
Personalised service
We adapt in record time to the individual needs of each of our customers.
Quality throughout the process
We guarantee the highest standards of quality and food safety guaranteed by our certifications.
Galfrío is not the company it is today because of our services or facilities, but rather thanks to our people, their experience and our way of getting things done.

We have 5 cold rooms with a storage capacity of 42,000 cubic meters and a plant of 1,200 square metres for the unloading and classification of frozen fish.

  • Cold Services
  • Loading and unloading
  • Classification, glazing and packaging
  • Goods inspection
  • Customs and health procedures

We have an area of ​​3,200 square metres with a monthly capacity of approximately 600 tons of processed fish where we clean, fillet and freeze the product.

  • Cleaning shrimp and cephalopods
  • Fish filleting and peeling
  • Cutting into slices, portions and squares
  • Static and dynamic IQF freezing
  • Vacuum packed, shrink wrapped and bagged

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